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Together Let's Set The World On Fire

I strive not to be a success but rather to be of value.

With my qualifications in food management and safety and 20 years of experience and leadership skills in hospitality, I would be happy to share my learnings and help you with food your food business. 

I am also open to partner with investors for operating restaurants.

As a food business consultant, I bring these skills to the table:


- New Projects

- Restaurant concepts
- Kitchen designing

- Process streamlining


Menu Creation and Development
- Menu designing, conceptualizing and compiling
- Recipes standardization

- Pricing

- Food styling and photography

Resource Management

- Recipe documentation

- Establishing best practices

- Food costing

- Vendor relations


Staff Training

- Culinary training

- Restaurant concept based training

- Developing chefs

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Media Speaks


“Virdi is a master of many cuisines.

Chef  Virdi comes with

the passion

to bring his unique

flavour and creativity

to every kitchen.”

— BW Hotelier


“Virdi is already well known for his interest in home chefs and their craft.

He is passionate about the importance of preserving traditional recipes, rediscovering lost ingredients...”

— ET Hospitality

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