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The Real Chicken Manchow Soup

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

now this shit nobody ain’t ever gonna teach you. because there are so many variations, everyone claims their name to fame. but.. here’s the real deal.

100 gr chicken leg, deboned, finely mince
10 gr pakchoy, washed, finely diced
3 gr ginger, wash, peel, finely dice
3 gr garlic, wash, peel, finely dice
20 gr coriander, wash, fine chop
4 pc button mushrooms, wash, finely dice
1/2 piece medium tomato, wash, deseed, finely dice
5 gr silken tofu, finely dice
10 gr indian cabbage, finely dice
2 pc fresh chilies - red or green, 
     doesn't really fuckin matter, chop em finely
1 whole egg, beaten
1/2 tsp chicken seasoning powder
2 tsp dark soy sauce
salt to taste. be careful here, soy sauce 
      and seasoning powder will have 
                already added enough salt
5 gr cornflour, mix with 50 ml water
500 ml water
50 ml groundnut oil, or whatever comes your way

heat oil in a pan. ginger and garlic. 
toss for a while till cooked.
add minced chicken. add chilies. keep stirring well, 
or you will burn the ass off.
add mushrooms, pakchoy, cabbage, tomato.
cook for a while.
add water.
add seasoning powder.
add soy sauce. adjust salt.
add tofu and coriander. cook for 1 min.
add cornflour mixed in water. 
stir well so that no lumps are formed.
simmer down the flame.
carefully pour beaten egg 
in a spiral form 
so that it stays afloat.
let the egg cook. fold the soup to mix in the egg.
serve hot.

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